Window Shades – Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are another popular choice when considering window coverings. They are both decorative and functional as well as being relatively cost effect. All Window Shades Roller Blinds have the option to be motorised and remote controlled.

Solar View Blinds

This type of blind features well where both sun protection and privacy is required. During the day with the Solar Blind closed one can see out clearly yet the inside of the room is protected from the harmful sun rays. At the same time during the day no one can see through the closed blind into the room.

A practical and attractive option is installing a Roman Blind above the window so that at night the Roman Blind when pulled down will provide privacy and warmth in winter.

Blockout Blinds

Blockout Blinds are made of solid synthetic material. Window Shades offers the widest choice of colour in the Blockout range. All the on-trend colours which are shades of sand, stone, cement and plaster are available. You will not have a problem choosing a blind to match the colour of your walls.

Blockout Blinds provide complete protection from sun damage. You will find them installed in Museums and Art galleries where valuable furniture and artwork needs to be protected. They also prevent heat penetration, thereby keeping the room at a cooler temperature.

Another well used and suitable application is in babies’ and children’s bedrooms, where darkness, not sunlight is required !


Translucent Blind

A suitable application for this type of blind is on glass panel doors. It looks good both from the inside and the outside.  Installing the blind directly on the door means there is no interference when opening and closing the door. The Translucent Blind has a neat and light appearance. It allows the sunlight to filter through effectively yet still protects the furniture and at the same time provides privacy.

Window Shades is known for its custom made blinds. A popular choice is to add a scallop & key tassel to our blinds creating a classical look. Another option is to add braid or a fabric border to the bottom of your blind.

Interested in this blind ? Contact us and find out the difference it will make your house.